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Justine Franco Butez (1996), from Mallorca and currently living in A Coruña, is an artist who paints scenes of memories.  
Initially trained at the Pancho Lasso Art School when she lived in Lanzarote and having started a degree in Heritage Restoration and Conservation at the Complutense University of Madrid, Justine, fascinated by her future, decided to redirect her career towards product design, where she found a new form of independence and creative expression. However, her unwavering passion for painting always guided her back to her artistic roots.

In 2020 he returns to painting with a seal and a unique mark on his paintings that will help her grow as an artist and reach more people. 

Justine Franco's works are living portraits of memories and emotions, where each element is an invitation to explore memories and personal sensations. 

Inspired by the aesthetics of previous eras, Justine challenges contemporary conventions through the use of vibrant colors. His portraits are highly accessorized, they wear many layers and colors, the faces have irregular shapes and he creates a fusion between the figurative and the abstract. This preference for the detailed, the colorful and the complex, compared to the current trend towards the practical and the minimalist, positions her art in a constant dialogue in society and current creations, where aesthetics have been totally abandoned in the objects of our daily life, interior design, architecture, urban landscapes, etc. Justine calls her work “From Limbo” since she believes that her vision of reclaiming the return to an aesthetic focused on the beauty of the details is a lost fight since in this technological era everything points towards the opposite. And that is exactly why his audience acclaims his work, since it will be that object that will break with the environment in which it is found.



Exhibitions and collaborations

  • Pepita de Oliva - Coruña (21)

  • Maza art - Madrid (Nov 22) 

  • Maza art IV - Madrid (Dec 23)

  • Opn Space - Madrid (22 Jan 24 - 7 Mar 24) 

  • Kave Home - Online shop (May - Dec 24)

  • Zara WomanXJustine Franco - Clothes collection (May 24)

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