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Justine Franco Butez.
Visual artist born in 1996 in Palma de Mallorca and currently living in La Coruña. 

Justine studied at the Pancho Lasso art school in Lanzarote and then went on to study Conservation and Restoration of cultural heritage in Madrid, where she began to develop her technique and style in order to continue developing independently. 

Justine's works are the definition of discovery and expression of her own inner world, an art that was a reflection of light, colour and tranquillity.

Fleeing from the traditional criterion of imitation of the original, assimilating and searching for new concepts that claim that colour is the protagonist role with the aim of achieving the authentic truth of light. 

She is in the eternal search to reduce the masses to elementary forms and looking for abstraction and deconstruction of usual elements, substituted by the great protagonism of colour and filtering black as part of the light.




  • Pepita de Oliva - Coruña (2021)

  • Maza art - Madrid (Nov 2022) 

  • Only You hotel Madrid (Nov 2023)

  • Maza art - Madrid (Dec 2023)

  • Opn Space - Madrid ( 22 Jan 24 -22 Feb 24)

  • Arteria Gallery - Barcelona (9 May 24 - 9 Jun 24) 

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